No Fear In Convinction

Hexenhive Hijinks

A threat emerges on the hive world of Norexa

Two weeks ago, the planetary governor of the hive world Norexa, Lord Governor Septimus Thanadris, survived an assassination attempt by a mask-clad rogue psyker. The opulent monarch was celebrating the founding of two new Norexan Extractor Guard regiments when the wyrd, blocking a parade route, annihilated his ceremonial Chimera with some sort of pyrokinetic sorcery. The assailant then made his espace, using the chaos of the event to slip away. There were no survivors, save for the Sergeant of the Lord Governor’s honor guard and inexplicably the ruler himself.

By the grace of the Golden Throne, Inquisitor Uriel Sekronus was already in Norexa’s orbit due to the ongoing investigation of the subsector’s unusually strong obscura trade. As an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus, he responded immediately to the imminent threat of an unsanctioned psyker, sending three of his Acolytes to the planet’s surface to investigate on his behalf. They made their way to Hexenhive, the world’s main spire, to seek audience with Lord Governor Thanadris.

The Acolytes enjoyed the brief counsel of the Gubernatorial Palace’s head guard, Oktar Sel’kana, who warned them of the Governor’s eccentric behavior.




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