Background Questions - Mike

1) How did you meet the Inquisitor? What actions did you take to make him consider you to be Acolyte material?
As a tribute to the omniscion, I was able to program and construct a massive portion of my colony to be able to separate itself from the more “inefficient parts.” The completion of the project and its subsequent success caused the death of 333,333,333 people exactly and raised productivity 0.000333%. The massive increase in productivity relative to the minuscule loss pleased the Inquisitor greatly and the mystery surrounding “Khan’s Rule of Three” piqued his interest enough to pick me up.

2) Why did you decide to become an Acolyte of the Inquisition instead of remaining in a Mechanicus temple? Was it your decision, or did your superiors force you into it?

3) Why did you decide to become a techpriest in the first place?

4) Are you a low-ranking member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, or are you a fully-fledged techpriest by the beginning of the campaign?

5) Do you have any views that conflict with the teachings of the Mechanicus? (if you choose to start off as a low-ranking member of the AdMech you’ll have more leeway for your character’s interpretation of “theological” matters).

6) Do you expect those around you to share the same respect for the Omnissiah’s bounty, or are you more tolerant of their ignorance? Do you worship the Emperor separately, or do you worship the Omnissiah as an aspect of the Emperor? How devout are you?

Background Questions - Mike

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