Background Questions - Seamus

1) The planet where the campaign will begin is currently a variable. Do you want it to be your home planet, or are you merely stationed there as part of a Guard assignment?

I see Quintos has having said goodbye to whatever homeworld he had when he joined the Guard, and the Guard is pretty much his home now, so he’s just stationed on the planet for whatever reason.

2) Why did you join the Guard? Were you coerced into it, or did you volunteer? Does your homeworld have a strong military tradition (like Cadia) or is it more like Tanith, where Guard regiments aren’t founded very often.

Volunteered, as a True Man of the Imperium! I flipped a coin on the latter question and came up with the planet that doesn’t produce many regiments.

3) What did you do to earn command?

I figure Quintos has been in the Guard for a few years now and been in about two major scraps as part of an Armored Fist mechanized infantry unit (I’ve been reading up, if you can’t tell), so he’s got some experience. I was thinking first some Orks, and then some low level Chaos types, to make the experience a little broad. I’m thinking he got promoted after coming out alive from a nasty urban fight with some Traitor Guardsmen.

4) How devout are you in your worship of the immortal God-Emperor?

Not an Emperor-botherer. But pretty devout. He didn’t have much trouble getting cleared for, well, continued living after being in contact with the abovementioned Chaos forces, for example.

Background Questions - Seamus

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